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Foodwrap Paper Foil

Ekvee’s foodwrap is a paper foil manufactured by using food grade paper made in Europe Specially. Keeping in mind the requirements of wrapping the food and keeping it healthy and safe to eat. It is a proper replacement for aluminum foil. foodwrap is a best possible quality foil paper available in market with food grade certification and safe to use for food wrapping.

Ekvee Foodwrap Paper Foil Roll 25m

Foodwrap Paper Foil Roll

Ekvee’s Paper Foil Roll the ultimate eco-friendly food wrap that is Oil & Grease Resistant. Say goodbye to single-use plastics and hello to sustainable food storage.

Foodwrap Paper Foil Sheets

Experience eco-friendly food storage with Ekvee’s Food Wrapping Paper Sheets. Eco Friendly, Non Stick, Microwave Safe, Reheatable, and Food Grade.

Ekowrap Butter Paper

Ekvee’s Ekowrap is a butter paper which can be used to wrap food. This is substitute for people who want to buy economic wrapping paper for food wrapping. Ekowrap is a best possible quality Butter paper available in market with food grade certification and safe to
use for food wrapping.

Ekowrap Rolls

Ekvee's Ekowrap Rolls the ultimate butter paper for a mess-free kitchen! Ekowrap is perfect for wrapping, baking, and preserving freshness.

Ekowrap Sheets

Ekowrap Sheets

Ekvee's Ekowrap Sheets the eco-friendly butter paper revolutionizing food storage. These sheets offer a perfect blend of quality and sustainability.

Ekvee Combos

Why Ekvee?

Elevate your kitchen game with Ekvee’s food wrapping paper, the secret ingredient for culinary success. It’s not just paper; it’s your trusty sidekick in the kitchen, boasting both US and ISO certifications, ensuring it’s “food-safe” all the way. But here’s the real magic: our versatile premium wrapping paper isn’t just for roti wrap paper it’s your ticket to making your baked goods pop and transforming your culinary creations into mouthwatering masterpieces.

Say goodbye to dull aluminum foil paper and hello to food packaging that’s as exciting as your dishes! Whether you’re a pro chef, a baking wizard, or a kitchen entrepreneur, Ekvee’s got your back. Trust us for paper packaging for food that’s about to take your culinary creations to celebrity status. Get ready to make your dishes sizzle, and your customers beg for seconds!

ekvee food wraping
ekvee fast food wrap
ekvee Bakery Wrapping paper
ekvee food wrap

Shitla Papers Launches Ekvee

In a world where sustainable choices are becoming increasingly vital, Shitla Papers has taken a monumental step towards revolutionizing food packaging. The introduction of Ekvee, an eco-friendly food wrapping paper, signifies a significant leap towards a greener future

What we guarantee?

  • Our food remains free from bacterial growth due to the absence of chemicals in the printing process. Additionally, there are no chemical interactions with the food, thus preventing any risk of contamination.
  • Our product guarantees oil and grease resistance, ensuring that food stays fresh for 5-6 hours.
  • Our product complies with US FDA food grade certification norms and has ISO 22000 food grade certification. Additionally, it offers a kit value of 7+ for added convenience.

What we promise?

With four decades of expertise in the paper manufacturing industry, we are committed to delivering food wrapping paper that not only meets strict food-grade standards but also ensures it’s the ideal choice for promoting sustainable living. Our unwavering dedication to your well-being and emphasis on healthy meals drive us to provide a health-conscious solution for wrapping and packing your meals. Let us embark on this journey to support your wellness, one step at a time.

Why choose Ekvee?


Moisture Balancing

Food Grade Ink


Non- stick surface

US FDA Certified

Customers Reviews

"I recently discovered Ekvee Butter Paper, and it's been a game-changer in my kitchen. As someone who loves baking but often struggled with cookies sticking to the baking sheet, this product has been a lifesaver. No more broken cookies or frustration! Plus, it's eco-friendly, which makes me love it even more. Highly recommend!"
Drishti Gulati
Drishti Gulati

“Amazing thickness and soaks extra oil from the food. Really loved using it.. This is my second buy.. surely my next buy would be EKVEE ONLY.. Very happy”

"I'm all about presentation when it comes to food, and Ekvee Butter Paper has taken my plating to the next level. It's not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to my dishes. The paper's non-stick quality means my food looks perfect when served, and cleanup is a breeze. I'm beyond satisfied with this product!"
Yatin Sharma
Yatin Sharma
“Your versatile kitchen essential for preserving freshness. From baking goods to burgers, it’s the perfect storage solution for any kitchen. Say goodbye to food spoilage worries and hello to prolonged freshness. Get yours today!”

“The Ekvee Foodwrap Paper Foil Roll is an eco-friendly, FDA-certified choice for food preservation. With its chemical-free, reusable design, it offers both safety and sustainability, making it a top pick for conscientious consumers.”

“Ekvee Foodwrap is the perfect eco-friendly solution for all your food wrapping needs. It’s oven safe, oil, and grease resistant, making it perfect for packing lunches with ease.”

“Ekvee Foodwrap, available on Flipkart and Amazon, is your go-to solution for food packing. Eco-friendly, oven-safe, and resistant to oil and grease, it’s the ideal choice for freshness and convenience.”

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